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Starlight Extended

From $2396.00
Max. Pax: 6
13 Days / 12 Nights

Starts: 09:00 Hrs - Monday
Ends: 15:00 Hrs - Saturday

RRP $ 2796.00 $ 2396.00 per Person for Private Double Cabin (for travel between Fri 31 May 2019 and Fri 01 May 2020)
RRP $ 3596.00 $ 3196.00 per Person for Private Stateroom (for travel between Fri 31 May 2019 and Fri 01 May 2020)

True extended expeditionary sailing in the remotest parts of the Papua New Guinea Milne Bay and Louissiade Archipelago on the regions most comfortable sailing yacht.

  • Our added time of 13 days means we can reach further. Sometimes as far as the Louissiade Archiplego
  • Sail by day between truly remote frontier tropical island anchorages, sand cays and reef systems
  • Relax by night in remote and secluded tropical island anchorages
  • Fish and snorkel some of the most spectacular, unvisited and untouched reef systems literally teeming with marine life
  • Visit some of the worlds most remote island families living subsistence lives from what they gather from the oceans and grow on small tropical islands

With more time comes extended range and Starlight is designed for exactly that...long range expeditionary sailing for small groups of people. With Starlight, we can reach fruther into the untouched parts of Papua New Guinea's most remote island chains and groups. We can visit and snorkel and fish the reef and island systems that rarely only see the occasional adventurous yacht passing by each year.

We'll meet families that rarely see any visitors to their islands and make new friends for you wherever we go. There is no fixed itinerary. Starlights skipper will take Starlight as far as you want to go and as remote as you want to go taking into account the time available, the weather and tides and the desires of all guests on board. We often get into the Louissiade Archipelago when the predominant SE trade winds allow us to make it that far to windward, then we cruise slowly downwind all the way back to our exclusive home anchorage.

Along the way, you'll catch huge palaegic fish and share them with locals. We'll eat a majority of seafood on board. We'll trade with locals for simple food supplies from their gardens as we pass by and leave them with items they simple can't get anywhere else. Simple things like sugar, rice, flour and yeast for cooking. We strongly reccommend bringing some gifts with you to share with these people who will never have the means to buy simnple things like clothes and toiletries that we take for granted. As you share with the local families, they will love you and take care of you.


Wild PNG
Contact Us: 0409 903 773

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