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Style Sailing

Starlight Adventure
7 Days/6 Nights , Max. 6 Persons From $1198.00 per Person

Take your time and cruise aboard Starlight, a cirumnavigation capable expedition yacht with a touch of comfort. 7 days cruising further than the inshore island groups of Milne Bay allowing us to go places, only remote cruising yachts get to.

  • Explore more remote islands, reefs and anchorages
  • Snorkel, swim and fish incredibly diverse fringing and offshore reefs
  • Visit uninhabited, remote tropical islands
  • Share time with tiny remote communities and families living isolated subsistence lives


Starlight Extended
13 Days/12 Nights , Max. 6 Persons From $2396.00 per Person

True extended expeditionary sailing in the remotest parts of the Papua New Guinea Milne Bay and Louissiade Archipelago on the regions most comfortable sailing yacht.

  • Our added time of 13 days means we can reach further. Sometimes as far as the Louissiade Archiplego
  • Sail by day between truly remote frontier tropical island anchorages, sand cays and reef systems
  • Relax by night in remote and secluded tropical island anchorages
  • Fish and snorkel some of the most spectacular, unvisited and untouched reef systems literally teeming with marine life
  • Visit some of the worlds most remote island families living subsistence lives from what they gather from the oceans and grow on small tropical islands


Starlight Lite
3 Days/2 Nights , Max. 6 Persons From $599.00 per Person

3 Perfect days and 2 gorgeous nights sailing the secluded bays and anchorages of the inner Milne Bay Islands Group.

  • Sail from one stunning anchorage to the next each day. You can help sail Starlight, or just relax and enjoy the ride
  • At night we anchor in secluded bays and behind sheltered islands and wander ashore to meet the locals
  • You can swim and snorkel right off the boat in many places. In other places, we'll use the yachts tender to access stunning reefs
  • Enjoy some serious fishing straight off the yacht and we'll often share our catches with locals on the islands we visit.


Starlight Private Charter
3 Days/2 Nights , Max. 6 Persons From $3495.00 per Vessel

Starlight Private Charter
6 Days/5 Nights , Max. 6 Persons From $7900.00 per Vessel