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Wild PNG 8 Days Fishing

From $1995.00
Max. Pax: 10
8 Days / 7 Nights

Starts: 10:00 Hrs - Monday , Friday
Ends: 08:30 Hrs - Monday , Friday

RRP $ 2795.00 $ 1995.00 per Person for Shared Single (for travel between Fri 31 May 2019 and Fri 01 May 2020)

Spend 7 nights at beautiful Nuakata Island. This is our base hub for reaching out to the more offshore reefs and chasing the big fish.

  • By day, cruise the offshore reefs chasing those big palaegics.
  • By late afternoon and early morning, work the inshore reefs targetting the big toothy reef critters.
  • By night, relax by the fire enjoying the fresh fish you've caught during the day
  • There's plenty of time to relax around the island too
  • Absolute beachfront accommodation.

7 nights is just enough time to explore all the nearby fringing reefs, inshore reefs and offshore reefs. When the sea is calm, you can get all the way to Grace Island and chase the big Dog Tooth Tuna that inhabit that area. This is a serious fishing trip and you'll need serious gear. Don't bring your grandpa's jetty fishing gear. You'll need tough line, super strong leader and heavy roods and reels. You'll chew through heaps of lures too, so make sure you bring plenty of spares.

The island is a perfect base for the fishing adventure. You will have a dedicated Wild PNG Banana Boat for each 2 persons on the adventure with you. As a team of two, you can tell your skipper where you'd like to fish and when, or you can tell them the target species and they'll know where to take you based on their extensive local knowledge of the location and the weather and tide conditions. You'll have 200l of fuel to last you the entire time, which in our experience is plenty, but be prepared to plan where you go each day so you make the most of the fuel your boat has available. You can give or request fuel from another boat on the adventure if you like and it is possible to get drums of fuel in 200l lots, but it is expensive to ship and takes at least 24 hours to get. In the past, we have never needed to do this as our guests have planned their days trips well so they make a round trip rather than many trips back and forth. Your guides can help you plan if you like.

Accommodation is in our traditional island bungalows, absolute beachfront. They are traditionally built with traditional materials and are cool during the day and comfortable to sleep at night. We recommend a light weight jacket for night time in the winter months or just if you feel the cold.

Typically, you can expect to target the prize palaegics such as Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackeral, Dog Tooth Tuna and Mahi Mahi. There are sailfish from time to time but we are still working on their local habits and targetting them has been hit and miss so far. The inshore reefs often produce enourmous fish including some stunning Coral Trout.

At night, relax around the camp fire and chat with the host family at the Wild PNG accommodation. They own it and run it and they care about everything that makes you happy and comfortable. Nearby locals will also offer micro tours and you're welcome to take them up on it. Micro tours include walks to the local skull cave and a talk about why it exists as well as wooden sailing canoe rides.

There's plenty of fishing to be had, so you can fish until your arms just won't take any more, then chilling out, then doing it all again !


How to get here

Make your way from Alotau to East Cape. You can join your boats here and start fishing as soon as you pass the first inshore reefs on the way to Nuakata Island. You can get a taxi from Alotau (About 200 kina each way) or you can hop into a Public Motor Vehicle like the locals do, with all your gear for 12 Kina each way. Personally, we reckon this is the best way to experience the local culture and get all your gear easily to and from East Cape. You can also book Wild PNG trabsport using the links at the top of this page.

What To Bring

Bring all your own fishing gear and lures. Bring heavy gear and lines and lures. Gear is available for rent and we do sell a limited range of lures incase you get caught short, but better to bring your own. If you want to drink alcohol, you'll need to get this from Alotau before you leave, along with any snacks and softdrinks you'd like during the adventure. There is virtually no ability to resuply during the time your on your adventure as we are just too remote.

Bring your favourite light weight sleeping bag and a pillow case.

What's Included

200l fuel per boat and a boat per 2 persons on the trip along with skipper and deckhand. All accommodation and meals in the local traditional style. We provide a matress, pillow and mosquito nett.

What's Extra

Alcohol and transfers to and from East Cape

Wild PNG
Contact Us: 0409 903 773

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