Wild PNG sport fishing adventures are back and the fishing is hot!

The fish have only grown bigger and tougher and we're going back for more...you can join us!

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After a break of almost 5 years, Wild PNG is now travelling back to Nuakata Island in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

In 2008 , we ran 8 totally wild, Wild PNG sport fishing adventure trips but then the GFC arrived and we had to place Wild PNG adventures into Hibernate mode. Well, the sun is here and the thaw has arrived, our hosts at Nuakata Island are keen to have us back and we're packing our lures, packs and gear for a reconnaisance trip in January 2016.

The unique Wild PNG fishing adventures are back and we want you to be among the first to hit the fishing grounds and watch the toughest and meanest fish on the planet tear you and your gear apart!

Trip Dates

  • January 2016 (8 Nights, 9 Days - Maximum 7 guests)
  • February 2016 (8 Nights, 9 Days - Maximum 9 guests)

The adventure starts in Alotau, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea on the morning of your trips start date. From here we'll meet you at the airport and you'll get a chance to gather any last minute supplies you might want from the local supermarket and township. We'll then travel in the back of a pick up truck to East Cape. The trip is about an hour and a half and should get us to East Cape in the early afternoon. We'll then transfer to 16' runabouts and transfer ourselves and our gear to Nuakata Island arriving late afternoon stopping off to wet a few lines along the way. Up to 4 guests can elect to stay at East Cape overnight if they wish, giving them an opportunity to fish that location. They can then follow the rest of the group to Nuakata Island the following day. This is an option only and you don't need to take it up.

During your fishing adventure, you'll have a boat and guide allocated to you and at your disposal 24/7. You will have 200 litres of fuel waiting for you at Nuakata Island, which has been plenty of fuel for previous trips. You can purchase more fuel if you need it, but it is unlikely you'll need it and we usually end up with a little left over. You must provide all of your own fishing gear and tackle. We strongly recommend you speak to Bob Spees at Whitsunday Fishing World (0749 480 311) about your gear needs as he has been here 3 times with us and has local knowledge along with extensive fishing experience. The fishing here will seriously test any gear you've got and you don't want to arrive with gear that keeps breaking or is undersized for the challenges that you'll face.

The cost of the trip is $2,295 per person and includes all guides, transfers (Not airfaires), accommodation (Twin or triple share rooms with matress, pillow and mosquito net. BYO sleeping bag), meals, dedicated fishing boat and 200l of fuel (Between each 2-3 guests) for our 9 day/8 night adventure. It does not include flights to and from Australia and Alotau as these vary depending on your preferences and your airport of departure. At the most recent check though, flights are very cheap right now and around $700 AUD per person return Cairns-Alotau. Sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive. Ask us for advice on where and how to book these if you need it.

You can fish as often and as much as you like within your 200 litre fuel allocation. Fishing grounds can be found right on the Outpost doorstep, or you can head up to 10nm from the outpost to chase the really big stuff on the huge reef drop off's. We suggest that you listen to suggestions from your guides as they know exactly where to find the fish.

You MUST be medically fit, and moderately physically fit, to undertake this adventure. Wild PNG does not own any of the accommodation, vehicles, vessels or equipment used during the trip. We prefer to support local business operators and support the local communities which ensures your tour costs directly benefit the communities we live within. This also means we cannot gaurantee that any of the equipment or vehicles or operational standards used by the local operations will meet standards of safety or comfort you might expect in Australia. All travel during these adventures is entirely at your own risk and due to the distance required to travel to a professional medical facility, you must constantly assess during your trip whether your actions are safe given the circumstances. Wild PNG does it's best to provide you with the safest environment we can, but this is often outside of our control. We strongly suggest you have travel insurance (including medical evacuation insurance) prior to joining us on an adventure.

All trips are into remote areas where all supplies, vehicles and equipment are difficult to obtain. We may have to change and substitute any or all parts of this trip as situations arise. This trip has however run successfully many times and ourselves and our staff have managed to solve just about all challenges we have faced to deliver you, our guests, outstanding adventure fishing.

We have basic rules we strongly suggest you follow during your stay with us and we'll brief you on those in detail upon your arrival but they include...

  • When travelling in your boat out of sight of the outpost, please travel with a sister vessel in case any assistance is required from your sister vessel.
  • Always carry the marine radio we supply each vessel with and leave it switched on so it can be monitored.
  • Take care with hooks and fishing line around the outpost and especially on board the boats. A nasty hook injury could ruin yours, or someone elses trip entirely.
  • Consume alcohol in moderation. We are there to fish, not get drunk. The locals do not drink alcohol and we, as guests in their community we need to respect that. By all means have a couple of drinks at night to relax by the fire after a tough days fishing, but be mindfull of your consumption.

Fishing Adventure Tours

Wild PNG operates remote area fishing adventures into untouched tropical reef fishing grounds of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Tours start in Alotau, Milne Bay where we take the road to East Cape, the eastern most point of land of the Papua New Guinea mainland. There are no more roads after here and all travel is in 16' open boats, perfect for trolling and casting among the ribbon reefs and huge coral reef drop offs in the region.

Our fishing starts at East Cape where we can target all the usual reef fish includung enourmous Coral Trout and Giant Trevally. Less than 100m off shore, we can bust a few lines and smash a few lures into passing schools of enourmous Yellow Fin Tuna feeding on bait fish in the deep water around sunset.

Next day, we use the boats to transport ourselves (Fishing at a few favourite spots along the way) and all our gear to Nuakata Island, about 9nm from East Cape. Here we have our own 'Outpost' where we will spend the next 6 nights. The Nuakata Wild PNG Outpost is our base for extended fishing day trips into the ribbon reefs and many small uninhabited coral reef islands. We have a catch and release policy, but do keep some fish for our own needs and we provide fish for the local villages as we pass by.

The last day (depending on flight times and schedules) is spent in Alotau where there is a simple, but very comfortable Hotel. Here we wind down after a full week of 'hard on your gear' fishing.

Our tours cater for a maximum of 10 guests, with 2-3 guests per boat. Each boat comes with 200L of fuel and a local boat driver/guide who knows all the best places to get you onto the monster fish you've been dreaming about. The boat guides are highly competitive with each other and love nothing more than to end the day boasting to the other guides how their guests got onto bigger and better fish than anyone else. Our guides will take you where you want to go, whenever you want to go, 24/7 but will also be a wealth of local knowledge to help you get the best out of your stay with Wild PNG.

Our accommodation is in custom built traditional accommodation. It is was built by us at our expense, but gifted to the local villagers there and when we visit it is exclusively for our use. The Wild PNG Outpost is now owned and staffed by local villages from Nuakata and surrounding islands which means all Wild PNG adventures make a significant injection into the local economy. This allows the locals, among other things, to send their kids to school on the island without the need to send their kids to boarding schools a long way from home.

Each guest is accommodated in a twin share room, with their own matress, pillow and mosquito net. We eat communaly in a dining hut where the locals prepare a wide variety of western and local foods every day to fuel your fishing appetite. We cook and consume some of what we catch, so if you do catch your favourite table fish, bring it home and our staff will prepare it for the entire group to eat. Staff also eat with us and we often have local villagers drop by to say Hi. We also offer foods, other than seafood at meal times, but guests need to be aware that due to the remoteness of our tours, seafood and locally grown vegetables are a large part of our diet just as the local's eat.

Guests also need to be aware that due to the remoteness of the adventure, you need to be physically fit and understand that professional medical help can be at least 4-6 hours away, and access depends on the weather conditions at the time. If you suffer from any medical condition that may cause you severe problems while you are on our adventure, we respectfully suggest this adventure may not be for you. You must also realize that this is an adventure tour, and although we provide as many comforts as possible, you must expect to be 'going without' many of your favourite comforts during the course of the trip. During this adventure, we live in similar conditions to the local's but with as many extra creature comforts as we can manage.

Chase the big fish trolling and casting

Fish from the beach of uninhabited islands

Catch a huge variety of fish species using your favourite styles

Simple but comfortable adventure accommodation, exclusively for us

Local food is plentiful. We eat or release what we catch

Make lifelong friendships with local island people

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